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The Effects of Dose and Formulation of Oral Contraceptives (OCs) on Breast-Cell Proliferation: Can the Chemopreventive Effects of OCs on Endometrial and Ovarian Cancer be Extended to Breast Cancer? (OCP2)

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(323) 865-0407

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University of Southern Califonia
1441 Eastlake Ave Ste 4411
90033 Los Angeles , CA
United States

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Anna Wu, PhD, Heather Macdonald, MD, Claire Templeman, MD, Linda Hovanessian-Larsen, MD, Michael Press, MD, Debra Hawes MD, Frank Stanczyk, PhD, Malcolm Pike, PhD, C. Leigh Pearce, PhD
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Inclusion: 1.Age 18-35 2.BMI <30 kg/m2 3.Premenopausal with regular cycles or currently taking an OC 4.Not currently or recently pregnant or nursing (within previous 6 months) 5.Non-smoker 6.No use of antibiotics within the prior 4 weeks 7.Competent to provide written informed consent (as judged by study team) 8.Willing to adhere to the OC regimen 9.Willingness to refrain from the use of aspirin or NSAIDS 10 days prior to the biopsy appointment and one week following the biopsy procedure 10.Willing and able to refrain from use of fish oils 10 days prior to the biopsy appointment and one week following the biopsy procedure Exclusion: 1.Diabetes 2.Abnormal breast examination 3.Abnormal PT/INR and/or CBC with platelets test results (as determined by one of the study physicians) 4.History or current therapeutic or prophylactic use of anticoagulants 5.Known bleeding disorder or history of unexplained bleeding or bruising 6.History of breast cancer or previous diagnostic breast biopsy 7.Known allergy to local anesthetic

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2011-08-18 15:45:39