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The Weight Loss and Breast Cancer Survivors Study

Andrea Arikawa at University of Minnesota
Study abstract

Women who are overweight, obese, or gain weight after breast cancer diagnosis are at greater risk for breast cancer recurrence and death compared with lighter women. The overall objective of this proposal is to determine how weight loss affects circulating levels of biomarkers associated with breast cancer risk and recurrence and quality of life of obese breast cancer survivors. The central hypothesis is that weight loss will decrease the levels of markers adversely associated with breast cancer and increase quality of life of these women.

Study review

This study at the University of Minnesota is researching if weight loss increases or decreases certain biomarkers that are associated with breast cancer risk, recurrence, and quality of life. The researchers were looking to enroll at least 20 volunteers. The Call to Action for this study was sent to Army of Women members on May 28, 2009. The researchers were able to close enrollment on July 14, 2009, after the Army of Women provided them with 45 women who were interested in enrolling in the study.

Resulting Publications: