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Healing Choices for Women With Breast Cancer

Peter Raich at University of Colorado Denver
Study abstract

The overall goal of this randomized, controlled research study is to develop and test a highly innovative multimedia preparatory and educational intervention (CD-ROM and web-based) to facilitate adjustment to diagnosis and informed decision-making for women recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Study participants will be recruited through the Cancer Information Service (CIS) of the National Cancer Institute. This study (N=722) will utilize a two group design, with half the study sample assigned to usual CIS service and half assigned to the multimedia intervention. The main research hypothesis is that the intervention group will experience greater improvement on main study endpoints including cancer-specific distress, decisional conflict, satisfaction with decision-making and knowledge, when compared to the control group. Additional analyses will also be conducted to test both meditational and moderator variables. Contingent on findings, the multimedia intervention will be offered for dissemination within the CIS, as well as in similar service programs nationwide.

Study review

Researchers throughout the country are working with the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service to determine the best way to get information about treatment options to women who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The researchers want to find the best way to deliver the information: by mail, in the form of print materials, or by the Internet. The researchers wanted to enroll at least 720 volunteers. The Call to Action for this study was sent to Army of Women members on April 7, 2010. When the researchers closed enrollment on June 2, 2011, the Army of Women had provided them with 347 women who were interested in enrolling in the study.

Resulting Publications: