Project SOAR: Speaking Our African American Realities

Annette Stanton, Ph.D., UCLA, and Rev. Tammie Denyse, Carrie’s TOUCH

The purpose of this study is to explore the unique experiences of African American/Black women with a diagnosis of breast cancer and their views of the Strong Black Woman concept as it applies to the breast cancer experience.

What does participation involve?

You will complete questions about your breast cancer experience online or on paper. Responding to the questions should take 60 minutes or so. The questions will ask about topics such as your health (e.g., diagnosis, treatment), your thoughts and feelings, and how you cope with your experience as an African American/Black woman. In light of recent events, some questions are included about the COVID-19 pandemic and race and racism. It will be most helpful if you respond to all the questions, but you always have the option not to respond to any question, and you can feel free to withdraw at any time by not completing any unanswered questions.

The first 200 women who complete Project SOAR and provide their contact information will receive a $20 Amazon e-gift card in appreciation.

Anywhere in the U.S.