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Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

Walk with Love - Totals Are In!

WALK WITH LOVE totals are in, and together we have raised more than $196,000! We are still buzzing from the positive energy and support felt by everyone who contributed to making this event possible.  We were thrilled to have been in the great company of more than 711 on-site participants and 114 Virtual Participants joining us from more than 28 states nationwide.

My Mother, My Mentor

I have listened to my mom tell me many things (and I have, on one or two occasions, even not listened to what she has said), but I never expected to hear the words that came out of her mouth in December of 2011. It was two weeks before Christmas when I sat down in front of the fireplace and she faced me, saying, 'I have breast cancer.'

The air thickened with words I couldn't say, questions I wouldn't ask. What does this mean? Will my mom have chemo? Will she lose her hair? Her strength?

HOW Study Reaches 40,000 - And Keeps Growing

With April well underway, we are proud to announce that the Health of Women (HOW) Study ( has reached more than 40,000 participants! The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation's newest research initiative HOW is a unique, long-term, online study of women and men that seeks to understand what causes breast cancer and what factors contribute to long-term survivorship.

I'm Going the Distance with Love

Connie SelbyLike the majority of breast cancer survivors, I had absolutely no history of breast cancer in my family.  Friends and relatives were sympathetic and well-meaning, giving me pink 'Hope, Faith, Courage' bracelets and other pink ribbon items, but that left me feeling hollow.  Supporting the movements to raise money for the cure gave me more satisfaction, but didn't completely do it for me either.  My motto be

How To Plan Your Own Fundraising Event!

Now you can Act with Love by hosting a fundraising event! Put together a group of colleagues, a team, a band of family members and friends who are dedicated and passionate about supporting the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, focused on finding the cause of breast cancer. Hosting a fundraising event is a wonderful way to support a family member, friend or co-worker who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and it's so easy to get started!