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Past webinars from our Research Webinar Series have featured researchers who collaborated with the Love Research Army for the recruitment of their studies and had results to share. These webinars allowed researchers to present and discuss results and conclusions with both study participants and other interested Love Research Army members. Many of you have participated in these webinars and we are thrilled to be able to close the loop on study participation and share the results of your efforts! Building upon the success of our research results webinars, we are expanding our Research Webinar Series by featuring studies currently recruiting Love Research Army members. During these webinars researchers will explain the background and significance of their studies in more detail and answer your questions.

You may notice that some closed studies and webinars mention the Army of Women, or AOW. In 2020, after 10 years as the Army of Women, we changed our name to Love Research Army to better reflect our longstanding commitment to fostering inclusive research.

In case you missed the May Army of Women Research Results Webinar, the video broadcast is now available! The webinar featured Dr. Dunya Atisha, MD, the Principal Investigator for the Evaluating Patient Reported Outcomes in Breast Cancer Study and was facilitated by Dr. Susan Love.

Interested in using the Army of Women to recruit for your breast research study but not sure how to get started? Considering an upcoming RFP but have never heard of the Army of Women? The Army of Women has more than 371,000 women and men (~70% without a history of breast cancer) from throughout the country, eager to hear about YOUR study.